Spielfeld: CERNY MLYN
Ort/PLZ: Cerny Mlyn / Tschechien
Größe: 13000 qm Spielfläche
Bereich: Woodland - Outdoor - Indoor
Kapazität: 10 – 50 Spieler max.
Mindest Spieler: 10
Preis: € 15,- pro Spieler


Prepare for a fierce fight over the former barracks Ministry of Interior. It’s a 4 storey building filled with obstacles, which you can use as loopholes. The playground is quite flexible, so both beginners and advanced players can enjoy playing in all parts of the arena.

What can you find there?

How to get there?

Address: Černý mlýn (near Sokolov)

GPS coordinates: 50° 8’36.755 “N, 12° 36’13.688″ E